5 Card PurSUIT



Game Description

  • A unique, new poker derivative game where the Player makes their best 2-card flush hand against the Dealer.
  • If the Player wins the 2-card flush hand versus the Dealer, their remaining 3 cards are paid odds based on their 3-card poker ranking.
  • Optional Flush Bonus bet that Players win when they have at least a 3-card flush in their 5-card hand.
  • Optional 5-Card Bonus bet that is decided by comparing the Player’s 5-card hand to a pay table.

Rules of Play

5 Card PurSUIT is a unique and exciting game where Players are dealt 5 cards and must break them down into two hands: a 2-card flush hand and a 3-card poker hand. In order to be paid odds on their 3-card poker hand, a Player must beat the Dealer’s highest 2-card flush.

  1. Players must make an Ante wager and may wager optional Flush and 5 Card Bonus bets to begin.
  2. After receiving their five cards, Players will examine their cards and make two hands: a 2-card flush hand and the best possible remaining 3-card hand. The 2-card hand must be a flush.
  3. The Dealer will also receive five cards to make the best 2-card flush and must qualify with a Jack high flush or better. If the Dealer does not qualify, then the Play bet will push and the Ante will be paid.
  4. When the Dealer qualifies, their 2-card flush is compared to each of the Player’s 2-card flushes.
    • If the Player’s 2-card flush hand ranks higher than the Dealer’s 2-card flush, the Ante wager gets paid even money and the Play wager is paid odds according to the pay table.
    • If the Player’s 2-card flush hand ranks lower than the Dealer’s 2-card flush, the Ante and Play wagers lose and are collected.
    • If the Player’s and Dealer’s 2-card flush hands tie, the Ante and Play wagers push.
  5. Players win oddes on the Flush Bonus when at least three cards in their five-card hand are suited. The highest odds are paid for a 5-card Royal Flush.