Double Ball Roulette


Game Description

Double Ball Roulette is an exciting variation that enhances player interaction without altering traditional Roulette rules and procedures. Instead of the dealer spinning a ball, a player will press the Remote Ball Activation Device to randomly deliver two balls.

Rules of Play

  1. All original roulette procedures for betting apply in Double Ball Roulette.
  2. After players place all bets, the dealer will put the two balls in the ball feeder.
  3. Next, the dealer will give the Remote Ball Activation device to one player who will press the button which will randomly deliver the two balls.
  4. Once the balls land, the dealer will mark both winning ball numbers and clear all losing bets per normal roulette procedures.
  5. Then, the dealer will pay all winning bets depending on their chip placement at the odds associated with each payout. All inside bets are virtually cut in half from traditional roulette. See paytable for odds. All outside bets are increased because they’re betting that both balls land on the same color, dozen, column, etc.
  6. The unique Double Ball Jackpot bet will pay 1200 to 1 if a player bets that both balls land on the same number. The players will use the separate Bonus Bet Race Track to identify which numbers they are betting.