Player Peek Baccarat



Game Description

  • Bet the Ante and peek at the Player’s first two cards before betting on Player or Banker.
  • Win odds on the Ante for 3-card draw wins by 7 points or more.

Rules of Play

Player Peek Baccarat is an exciting game that offers players the opportunity to see the Player’s first two cards before making a Player or Banker wager.

  1. Each bettor shall wager an Ante before the hand begins.
  2. The dealer deals the first two cards to the Player and Banker, revealing the Player’s cards but keeping the Banker’s cards face down.
  3. Each bettor must then elect to either:
    • Wager 1x Ante on the Player hand to win; or
    • Wager 1x Ante on the Banker hand to win; or
    • Fold the Ante
  4. After the Player or Banker bets are made, the two Banker cards are revealed.
  5. The hand is then completed following the standard Baccarat drawing rules.
  6. Winning Player or Banker bets are paid even-money. No Commission is paid on winning Banker bets.
  7. The Ante pays odds for non-natural winners by 7 points or more, all others push. See paytable for odds.
  8. All ties lose.
  9. Optional Tie bet pays 10 for 1.