War Baccarat



Game Description

  • War wager has over a 40% hit frequency.
  • Bettors may use War winnings and increase their Player or Banker bets.

Rules of Play

War Baccarat is played as a standard Baccarat game using an 8 deck shoe. For War Baccarat purposes, the card ranks in descending order are 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A, K, Q, J, T. Even though K, Q, J, T are zero values in Baccarat, in War K>Q>J>T.

  1. The Bettor places a mandatory Baccarat bet on the Player or Banker hand and an optional War Player or War Banker bet before the game begins.
  2. One card is dealt to the Player hand and one card is dealt to the Banker hand. (Alternatively, two cards are dealt to both the Player and Banker hands, but only one card from each hand is exposed to resolve the War wager.)
  3. A War Baccarat bet wins even money when the card of the selected hand (Player or Banker) is higher than the card of the opposing hand (use War card rankings above). Ties on 9 and 8 push, and all other ties lose.
  4. For a winning War bet, the Player is returned his initial bet, and has the option of parlaying all of his War winnings (an amount equal to his initial War bet) onto the corresponding Player/Banker main bet. War winnings not parlayed are returned to the Player.
  5. The second cards of the Player and Banker hands are then dealt/revealed and the main game is completed following standard baccarat procedures.